This section will cover all commonly experienced issues and their potential fixes within the environment. If there is an issue not covered here, please contact us on Discord for support.


Hack Pack Troubleshooting

  • Missing or Blank Textures

Verify that you are using the latest Beta instead of a random build.

Change your graphical settings to a different backend such as Vulkan or OpenGL.

Ensure LAN adapter is not enabled if you are attempting to access the Debug menu.

  • Controller not Working

Ensure you have setup your controller on the newly downloaded build.

If issue still occurring, your problem exists with controller or other software not related to netplay build.

  • Changing Music crashes Console

This feature is only available to the Dolphin Emulator version of the game.

NetPlay Troubleshooting

  • Desync Issues

Desyncs are normal as caused by Fullscreen codes

Note - This desync should notify during the start of City Trial, or a higher frame than 1000.

Warning - If players are moving erratically, an actual desync has occurred.

Ensure MD5 hash and Gecko Codes are the same (except Fullscreen), and that you are not syncing memory cards or codes in the NetPlay settings.

  • Blank Screen or Seeing Wrong Camera

Fullscreen codes are likely wrong. Ensure your Fullscreen code corresponds to the proper port. If you are intending to split-screen play, disable all Fullscreen codes.

  • Gameplay Lag

Ensure a wired connection is being used. Furthermore, raise the buffer until a stable 60FPS gameplay is achieved.

  • Game Missing

Use MD5 matching to ensure a non-corrupt and correct version of the game is being used.