Setup Guide


This guide is meant to serve as a reference for getting your NetPlay session set up. This guide holds little relevance to solo sessions. If you run into any issues, your best resource would first be our troubleshooting page, and then the Discord after that. 

Art by Mr. Purple
Art by Mr. Purple

Courtesy Notice

​Please ensure you are using Ethernet (Wired connection) when playing NetPlay with others. By playing with a Wireless connection, you are putting every other player at the mercy of your (potentially unstable) connection.


This screen will show up. Make sure Traversal Server is selected:

This screen will show up:

You'll have to share the room code with other people, in order to let them join. It is recommended to configure minimum buffer after booting game, by slowly increasing it until the game runs a stable 60 fps. If you see desync frame 0 notification, then close the game again and make sure everyone uses the default gecko codes + 1 of the fullscreen codes (if you choose to have additional gecko codes on top of the default ones, everyone in the lobby has to have them enabled)


1. Connection Type Traversal > Input Code received from Host

2. Click "Connect" on the bottom right of the window

Make sure you'll be using the right Fullscreen Code

Configure Gecko Codes

Right Click Game > Properties > Gecko Codes Tab

The full screen codes allow you to play online with friends but only show your screen, granting you a full view. You must set fullscreen codes corresponding to your GCN controller port as shown above. A desync will always occur when you connect to players and use this code. Do not be alarmed. This is because players will be using the version of the fullscreen code that will only show their ports screen, causing a false positive desync.

These are the default Gecko Codes:

Everyone's list of enabled gecko codes needs to be the same, except for the fullscreen codes. Meaning everyone must have one of the fullscreen codes + default codes for example, any minor difference between players will result in desync.